Community Updates

Tracking development

The best way to track the development of Dyndnsc is through the GitHub repo.

Release history

0.6.x (unreleased)

0.6.1 (April 2nd 2021)

  • improved: dnswanip error reporting now includes dns information

  • improved: fix for bug #144

  • improved: added tests for console script

0.6.0 (February 21st 2021)

  • changed (INCOMPATIBLE): dropped support for python 2.7 and python 3.4, 3.5

  • added: more presets

  • improved: add support for python 3.8, 3.9

  • added: docker build automation

  • added: –log-json command line option, useful when running in docker

0.5.1 (July 7th 2019)

0.5.0 (June 25th 2019)

  • improved: simplified notification plugin and externalized them using entry_points

  • added: WAN IP detection through DNS (detector ‘dnswanip’)

  • improved: replaced built-in daemon code with daemonocle

  • switched to pytest for running tests

  • changed (INCOMPATIBLE): dropped support for python 2.6 and python 3.3

  • added: new command line option -v to control verbosity

  • improved: infinite loop and daemon stability, diagnostics #57

  • improved: updated list of external urls for IP discovery

  • improved: install documentation updated

  • improved: add many missing docstrings and fixed many code smells

  • improved: run flake8 code quality checks in CI

  • improved: run check-manifest in CI

  • improved: run safety in CI

0.4.4 (December 27th 2017)

  • fixed: fixed wheel dependency on python 2.6 and 3.3

  • fixed: pep8 related changes, doc fixes

0.4.3 (June 26th 2017)

  • fixed: nsupdate URLs

  • fixed: several minor cosmetic issues, mostly testing related

0.4.2 (March 8th 2015)

0.4.1 (February 16th 2015)

  • bugfixes

0.4.0 (February 15th 2015)

  • changed (INCOMPATIBLE): command line arguments have been drastically adapted to fit different update protocols and detectors

  • added: config file support

  • added: running against multiple update services in one go using config file

  • improved: for python < 3.2, install more dependencies to get SNI support

  • improved: the DNS resolution automatically resolves using the same address family (ipv4/A or ipv6/AAAA or any) as the detector configured

  • improved: it is now possible to specify arbitrary service URLs for the different updater protocols.

  • fixed: naming conventions

  • fixed: http connection robustness (i.e. catch more errors and handle them as being transient)

  • changed: dependency on netifaces was removed, but if installed, the functionality remains in place

  • a bunch of pep8, docstring and documntation updates

0.3.4 (January 3rd 2014)

  • added: initial support for through dnsimple-dyndns

  • added: plugin based desktop notification (growl and OS X notification center)

  • changed: for python3.3+, use stdlib ‘ipaddress’ instead of ‘IPy’

  • improved: dyndns2 update is now allowed to timeout

  • improved: robustness

  • improved: webcheck now has an http timeout

  • improved: naming conventions in code

  • added: initial documentation using sphinx

0.3.3 (December 2nd 2013)

  • added: experimental support for

  • added: detecting ipv6 addresses using ‘webcheck6’ or ‘webcheck46’

  • fixed: long outstanding state bugs in detector base class

  • improved: input validation in Iface detection

  • improved: support pytest conventions

0.3.2 (November 16th 2013)

  • added: command line option –debug to explicitly increase loglevel

  • fixed potential race issues in detector base class

  • fixed: several typos, test structure, naming conventions, default loglevel

  • changed: dynamic importing of detector code

0.3.1 (November 2013)

  • added: support for

  • fixed: automatic installation of ‘requests’ with setuptools dependencies

  • added: more URL sources for ‘webcheck’ IP detection

  • improved: switched optparse to argparse for future-proofing

  • fixed: logging initialization warnings

  • improved: ship tests with source tarball

  • improved: use reStructuredText rather than markdown

0.3 (October 2013)

  • moved project to

  • added continuous integration tests using

  • added unittests

  • dyndnsc is now a package rather than a single file module

  • added more generic observer/subject pattern that can be used for desktop notifications

  • removed growl notification

  • switched all http related code to the “requests” library

  • added

  • removed

  • dropped support for python <= 2.5 and added support for python 3.2+

0.2.1 (February 2013)

  • moved code to git

  • minimal PEP8 changes and code restructuring

  • provide a makefile to get dependencies using buildout

0.2.0 (February 2010)

  • updated IANA reserved IP address space

  • Added new IP Detector: running an external command

  • Minimal syntax changes based on the 2to3 tool, but remaining compatible with python 2.x

0.1.2 (July 2009)

  • Added a couple of documentation files to the source distribution

0.1.1 (September 2008)

  • Focus: initial public release